Engrossing...a thread of authentic, bone-deep fear...and all you ever needed to know about mountain biking.
— Kerry Greenwood, bestselling author of the Phryne Fisher mysteries, on 'The Unclaimed'.

I am a Melbourne-based author, and have written four novels, a children's picture book, two screenplays, and two digital games, with three more on the way. I write most days, although I don't always write fiction this regularly. I'm always thinking about the next story I want to tell. 

When I was in high school, I was not a particularly good student. I wouldn't describe myself as a 'bad' student either, but I tended to be very selective about what I spent my time on. If I liked a subject, I would work hard to complete the work to a high standard, even if it meant working in my spare time. If I wasn't interested, though, there was nothing my teachers could do to get me to work.

Where I did do well in high school was in writing. I still remember a pivotal moment in my writing career; it dates back to an afternoon in year eight. I was sitting in English class, barely paying attention, when my teacher said he wanted us to write a story . He made only one stipulation: that the story must contain the line 'A bottle of champagne stood on the table, two glasses beside it. One was half full, the other half empty.' I wrote from the perspective of a young woman whose car had broken down and knocked on the front door of a nearby house. When she gets inside, the guy seemed helpful enough, and she even accepted a glass of champagne. Then, for no apparent reason, he attacks her. When I finished reading my story, I looked up. Some students looked pale, others' jaws hung open; my teacher was gripping his mark book white-knuckled. That day, I learned that stories have power. I have kept writing ever since.

I began writing seriously at the age of eighteen, and won first prize in Hawthorn Secondary School's inaugural writing award with my short story The Calling. The school gave me a trophy and a cheque for fifty dollars - my first paycheck as a writer. I later used the short story as the first chapter of an as-yet unpublished vampire novel of the same nameOver the last few years I've written novels, articles, movie reviews, text book chapters, screenplays, and a children's picture book.

Currently, I'm interested in telling stories in more traditional media, like books and film, as well as through newer media like games. I am particularly intrigued by the process of writing for games, which involves the unique process of 'sharing' your story (and your role as 'writer') with the player.

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