This is, the official home-away-from-home of award-winning Young Adult author, teacher, and researcher, Luke C Jackson. 

You may have visited here because you've read one or more of my books, 'The Unclaimed', 'Summer's End', 'Sleeper', 'Code Name Sara Gray', or 'Professor Willougby's Last Robot'.  Perhaps you're one of the million or so people who downloaded mine and my brother's film 'When Evil Reigns'. You might have been a student of mine, at a high school or university I've either taught at or visited. You might have worked with me one-on-one in my capacity as a writing mentor. Or maybe you just stumbled across the site by accident. However you got here, welcome! I have created this site to let you know more about me, the work I do, and where I'm headed in the near future.

On my Writing page, I will talk about my writing process and some things I'm writing right now and plan to begin writing soon, including some exciting new games that I'm working on with an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. If you're interested in my work as an educator, including my teaching and educational writing, head over to my Education page. There, you will also find details about how to book me to speak to students at your school on a wide range of topics.

These days, much of my working life is dedicated to educational research. I have recently completed a PhD at Deakin University in which I researched the role of a writer in creating narrative-driven digital educational games. In my capacity as a researcher, I work with organisations to design, deliver and evaluate curriculum materials and products, including games, that sit at the nexus between narrative and 21st Century teaching and learning.

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 C lick here  to get your copy of 'The Unclaimed', a paranormal mystery for Young Adults, on Amazon now.

Click here to get your copy of 'The Unclaimed', a paranormal mystery for Young Adults, on Amazon now.