Engrossing...a thread of authentic, bone-deep fear...and all you ever needed to know about mountain biking.
— Kerry Greenwood, bestselling author of the Phryne Fisher mysteries, on 'The Unclaimed'.

I am a Melbourne-based author, and have written four novels, a children's picture book, two screenplays, and five digital games. My next writing project is a graphic novel (aimed at adults) which I have co-authored with my wife Kelly; it is slated to be published by Scribe in late-2019. I write most days, and I'm always thinking about the next story I want to tell. 

I am fascinated in telling stories in a range of media. Over the last few years, I have experimented with writing for games, which involves the unique process of 'sharing' your story (and your role as 'writer') with the player. Below is a trailer for one of my games, Children of Dust, the first game in a three-game series. These games were released in Vietnam in 2018.

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